Будет ли урожай 2019 года хорошим?

Will the 2019 vintage be good?
This is the most frequently asked question of visitors and customers in these days. Difficult to answer with a simple yes or no, even if reading the titles in newspapers and magazines, the vintages seem to be good or excellent by default. Are they just optimistic assessments to promote the sale of wine? I do not believe.

Viticulture today is “precision viticulture”, based on continuous monitoring both in the vineyard, as in the cellar using targeted techniques and interventions. This is essential to face the meteorological trend from year to year and to guarantee the quality of the final result. On the other hand we must be cautious with too hasty answers regarding the evaluation of the year. There are still several days to the beginning of the harvest and the weather conditions in this period significantly affect the quality of the grapes. An excess of rain or a hailstorm could put the winemaker to a severe test.

Regarding Fattoria dell’Aiola the grapes are healthy and our team will do everything possible to bring it in these conditions into the cellar. Harvest will be the first moment for a vintage evaluation. Rather than declaring it good or excellent I would prefer to talk about its specific characteristics. And this is the charm of wine: every vintage, every product is different. We will talk about the quality again during fermentation, during refining and every time we taste the wine. The final evaluation can be done when the (almost) last bottle will be drunk.

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